Becoming a Step-parent

When the Answer Is No


Few youngsters are eager to be told they are not allowed to do something, and many of them try to take advantage of a parent’s new partner. They might just be testing the waters at first, but it can quickly become an issue when the answer is no. While it is generally the game plan of the adults to ask the parent first, that does not always work out well. There are times when saying no to a child as an adult should be the final answer instead of a battle cry, but it can cause issues.

Parents often jealously guard their position of responsibility for their children, and they tend to be loath to give in to the suggestions of others. They can have a difficult time letting even a trusted partner be responsible for their children, so it can cause resentment if they are not asked every single time to come up with an answer to a child’s request. They can also become unreasonably angry when asked too many times, so finding the right balance might be a tricky proposition for their new partner.