Becoming a Step-parent

Acquiring a Family


Love never seems to be easy for some people, and it can become complex if one person already has children living at home. The youngsters might be excited when first introduced to their parent’s new significant other, but the honeymoon phase probably will not even last until the wedding day. Acquiring a family in this manner can be like walking a tightrope without a net, so being on the lookout for opportunities and pitfalls is important.

The relationship between the adults might be the easiest part of the equation, and the person being added to the family should be aware they will have to develop their own relationship with each child. They should not treat them as if they are simply an appendage of their parent, and doing so can often result in a broken relationship when they complain about being treated badly. It will take effort, but it can be worth it if everyone learns how to live together peacefully.

Children differ in their level of maturity, and it can make the adjustment more difficult when they are not at an expected level. It can be just as much work to get to know a young child with more years of maturity than might be normal as getting to know one who is operating far below their age level. The noise and chaos surrounding children is often difficult to learn to live with, and it can cause eruptions within all the relationships when it becomes objectionable.

It pays to start off slowly with children when a relationship with their parent is at stake, and it can be an asset if a person has their own offspring. For those who have yet to experience the joys of parenting, getting together with family and friends who have children might be a good way to start figuring out how to fit in.