Becoming a Step-parent

The Other Weekend


When couples split up, one parent generally has the children most of the time. The parent without full custody generally has visitation one night during the week and every other weekend. It can be difficult to suddenly be alone without the support of the other parent, but it can also be a good time to be an adult when their former spouse has them. The other weekend can be a good time to explore life as a single adult again, and it is a good time to start the process of dating.

Many newly single people spend time with their friends and family on the other weekend when they have no children, but singles intent on moving forward will begin meeting potential partners. It could be a few months after the divorce, or it might take a few years before they are really ready to start searching. Being able to date without children around can be a blessing in disguise.

There are many parents unwilling to introduce a date to their children until their relationship has become more solid, so being available only every other weekend can be difficult. If the other person has ever been in the same situation, they are more likely to be patient. Even those who do not have their own children can understand why dating only when the children are not around is a good idea.

If a relationship begins to blossom with promise, introducing a potential partner to the children will eventually occur. Parents might be cautious at first, but they eventually realize their children are ready to see them move on to a happy relationship with another person. They might even find their new partner is more than ready to be a stepparent, and that only adds to the viability of their future relationship.