Becoming a Step-parent

Living with Chaos


Dating has its own share of issues for two people who have no children, but being with a partner who has children from a previous relationship can be an eye-opening experience. When the couple first begins dating, they may have dinner together at home. Everything would seem neat and normal to the person without children, but it could be due to the fact they are with their other parent. Getting married or making a serious commitment could result in suddenly living with chaos for the single person not used to kids. Their partner's formerly neat home might be a growing disaster area most of the time, and this unexpected component of the relationship could be difficult to overcome.

Living alone or with a roommate is not the same as living with children, and the adjustment could become a problem. A person might be used to always finding what they need because they are in the habit of putting things away when done with them. Children of almost any age still need to be reminded of this, and those not used to living with them could find life is a daily treasure hunt for any item they need.

Children may resent a parent's choice to suddenly move a new person into their home, and they could take some pleasure from spreading their toys around. Learning the person is used to neatness and being able to find items easily because they are put away properly could become a challenge for the youngest household members. They can be extremely inventive when it comes to misplacing items, and their look of innocence can be even more annoying.

Learning to live with a household of children has many good facets, but overcoming the obvious obstacles lying about on the floors could make a person have second or third thoughts about a relationship. Learning to navigate the new home safely could become too much, or it could be a great adventure for a person determined to stay with their new partner.