Becoming a Step-parent

Solidifying the Relationship First


Divorce is often very difficult for children, so parents today are more aware of the importance of shielding them as much as possible. Some of them believe it is okay to let their children meet the people they are dating, but others are more reserved. Solidifying the relationship first between them and a new partner is a major goal before introducing that person to their children from a previous relationship. They believe it can be harmful for the children to get attached to a person when the relationship could end in just a few weeks or months. Those who do introduce their children to many partners may be introducing difficulties down the road for them.

Splitting up the family is often the last choice of any couple, but remaining together while fighting all the time can cause a greater danger. Children living with that type of relationship between their parents could unconsciously come to believe that is what a successful partnership between two adults entails. It could keep them from being happy within their own adult relationships, and they could become easily detached when things go wrong.

Keeping the children safe from emotional harm is important to parents, and they may be willing to face the fact they will probably date several people before they find a new partner. Keeping their kids in the dark about their dating habits might appear ridiculous, but it will keep the children from forming attachments to adults who may not be around for long. The first time they meet a new adult in their life, the relationship should have a reasonable chance for longevity.

Parents have a grave responsibility when it comes to helping their children learn to form healthy relationships with others, and many have come to recognize their own behaviour is often what makes the biggest impact. Waiting for a relationship with another adult to be a solid one before introducing them to the children can be a positive step in the lives of the entire family.